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With the emergence of a new consciousness of Light and Love comes a remembrance of who we are. Stirrings in the heart echo whispers in the mind and a yearning to know, to express, to experience more of the Light and Love is awakened within us. Oakbridge University, founded in 1989, was born of the desire to provide an opportunity for such experience.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Oakbridge University is to promote peace in the world, respect for all life and the empower-ment of each person to fulfill his or her highest potential.

The name of Oakbridge University was carefully chosen. The Oak, which grows from a small acorn seed, signified the potential for on-going growth. At maturity, it provides strength and shelter from the storms of life beneath its spreading branches. The University, in its varied aspects/branches, provides an opportunity for on-going study and experience, becoming a Bridge between people, ages, philosophies and dimensions.

Incorporated in the state of Washington in May 1989, Oakbridge University is an educational, religious and charitable non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Judith & Tom Coates

Interview with Judith

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Thomas I. Coates July 24, 1930 – Feb 21, 2014

On the morning of Friday, February 21st, 2014, Tom, our Beloved Elder and the guiding Light of Oakbridge University and Press, passed away quietly and peacefully. He will always be remembered for his gentle smile, the twinkle in his eye, his many talents and his uplifting and comforting presence. Over the years as a minister he helped many people whose lives were changed by his wise and loving counsel. Many lives were changed by his “Developing Your Divine Potential” workshops. Everyone who knew him admired his talents on the music keyboard (he played by ear, never having had a music lesson), guitar and, most of all, the computer. He is greatly missed and fondly remembered.

Oakbridge University Envisions
Communities of Light

There is a new magic in the air, an energy of love and remembrance. The call to awaken to our spiritual heritage is being heard around the world and a planetary reunion of heart families is in progress. We welcome you in the spirit of brother/sisterhood and invite you to share in our vision of community.

The Community is to be a living demonstration to the world of how mankind, through the one Mind and one Heart, can live in harmony with Mother Earth and in service to our Divinity and fellow man/woman. We envision the Community as educational in the broadest sense of the word, a place where people can come to be nurtured by the very Light of the Christ that we all are, to celebrate that Light, to experience again the love, joy, beauty, wisdom, harmony and peace of the Heavenly Father and the Holy Mother Earth. We are open to learning from others and to sharing that which we know to reach the place of remembrance in all.

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Board of Directors

President: William Evans
Secretary-Treasurer: Eva McGinnis
Judith Coates, Executive Director

Josie Johnson-Rogers
Kimberly Marooney
Darrell Gray
Bronwyn Brock

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Jeshua: The Personal Christ, Vol. VII
Absolute Love, Infinite Light
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