Jeshua Summer Advance July 17-22, 2011

“I Desire to Spend a Week with You”

At the January meeting (available to hear on January’s podcast) Jeshua expressed the desire to spend a concentrated week with us “to allow you to heal, to allow you to change, to allow you to move into the space of love and to stay in that space of love all of the time. I wish to spend that week with you, spending the days and the evenings speaking with you, guiding you, allowing my Mother and my earthly father, Joseph, to also speak with you and to guide you into a new space of being.

“I have been sharing with you over the past y ears, even lifetimes, my love, my guidance, my truths. But in what you see to be your summertime you are going to be at a place most receptive to move, to change, so I desire to spend that week, a very concentrated week, to allow you to move into the space of love and to stay in that space of love all of the time.

“You have been steadily guiding yourself into a new space, and I commend you for that. You have known sorrow, loss, and abandonment to the depths of your being, to the place where if you want to touch that space, it is very easy to push that button and be right back in the space of great sorrow and loss. And yet you have worked with coming up out of that space, and you have done well.

“However, to live in the space of love all of the time has yet to be realized in this incarnation, in this point of the evolution of ascension. That is your assignment now, should you choose to accept it.”
-- Jeshua ben Joseph

The special week, the Summer Advance, will take place the week of July 17th through the 22nd, 2011, beginning on the Sunday evening and concluding on the Friday evening. We will be meeting at Whistler Resort in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Passports will be needed to return back into the U.S.

Early-bird tuition is $495 if paid by April 30th; after April 30th, tuition is $595 for the week, except for those who pre-registered in September. Accommodation, shared or single, is available through Resortquest, Whistler. Call reservations at 1-800-663-7711 and ask for the Oakbridge University Group special rate. #572087.

1 Bedroom condos  $120.00 per night
2 Bedroom condos  $155.00 per night
3 Bedroom condos  $359.00 per night   All taxes included.

Tuition: $495.00 if paid by April 30th
After April 30th: $595.00
Visa, MasterCard & Discover accepted.

Registration is closed


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