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Jeshua Speaks About:October 2011

The Hologram of Life

Beloved one,  you have heard it said many times that you make your own reality—lower case “r”—and that you live within that reality and you are not separate from your reality. I would use an example shown in one of your science fiction movies, the one known as “Star Wars,” where there was shown to be the hologram of a sword fight, and ones in the movie were watching the sword fight as it would be right in front of them. Do you remember that one?

This is truly a good example of what you are doing. You are making a much larger hologram, inviting all of the ones to be in your hologram to play with each other, or not, and you are watching what is going on. You have invited everyone to be part of what you are experiencing. And often separated ego will run onstage and say, “Well, if you are creating this hologram and you see that there is warring going on between brother and brother and sister and sister, you must be doing something wrong. You are guilty of bringing what you call the negative into the picture.”

But in truth, when you stand back from it and you are in the place of Beholder, you watch how even the most seeming horrendous acts bring forth awakenings within the people who are involved in those acts and also within ones who are watching what is happening, having it brought to them on the television screen via your news media, sometimes feeling your heart open for the ones who are enacting those parts.

There is much more that is going on beyond the appearance, and there is much opportunity for love and awakening. Oftentimes an experience that seems to be most horrendous allows ones to see and feel compassion, sympathy, understanding, where the heart opens and there is Oneness with the person or persons going through an experience, so that you feel you are walking in their sandals.

Truly, you have walked in their sandals. You have experienced warfare, conflict, challenge; otherwise, there would not be the computer card in your computer that registers and says, “Yes, I understand this.” You have lived those lifetimes to the place where you now understand how it feels to be in such a situation, and your heart does open, and you reach out in worldly ways that are tangible to help ones with the golden coins or with the intangible gifts of prayer and meditation.

And so it brings in you a knowing of Oneness. Everything—as I say to you over and over—leads to the realization of Oneness. Every happening, no matter how it looks, has in it the potential for awakening and realizing that you are One with each other. You understand feelings. You understand journeys. You understand each other because you have been there, no matter what one is going through. And your heart opens to support the other ones on their journey.

That is the message that I gave to you two thousand years ago, that truly you are your brother. Everything is within your consciousness—everything that you see, everything that you experience, everything that you see others experiencing and you understand that what they are going through is within your consciousness.

There is truly only One of us having the experience that the One is expressing as many. That is Who and What you are. You are the One expressing as the many. If you remember nothing else from this message, remember that the experience that you are having is within your consciousness, and you are the One expressing as the many.

That which you would seek, you can out-picture in your consciousness. You are that powerful. We have talked about this many, many times as to how powerful you are, so powerful, so creative that you can bring your point of consciousness to the place where you say, “I am a body; I am a personality separate from others. I have talents that are separate from others. I drive a different vehicle than others do. I have different challenges, different family, different generational teaching than others do.”

Separated ego loves to support that script. However, as the energy, the infinite energy of Oneness, you allow yourself—lower case “s”—to experience yourself as separate. But in Truth, you are not.

You have tested this as you have been coming through life and you have found something that you love or someone that you love, and you lose yourself in that love. You see only the loved object, whether it be another person or whether it be a beloved pet or even an occupation, and you feel the unconditional expansive love which for a moment or so does not recognize separation.

You know that you are the same energy, and you love that one or that expression of self so much that you lose the limitations of who you have thought yourself to be, and you are in joy, divine joy. 

Now, if there are things in your hologram that you want to shape-shift, you can do that. You work with allowing, first looking at what there is in the hologram as you understand your life to be, and then allowing everything to be seen as good. You have that saying in your holy Scriptures, that God—you—made everything, and on the seventh day—in other words, the last finished day—you looked at everything and you called it good. You have forgotten that part.

You now look at things and it is habitual—but if it is a habit, it can be changed — to look for what is wrong. You have been taught by generational teaching to look for what could be made better, what is wrong, even a small thing that could be perfected a bit. It is already perfect, but you have been taught by generational teaching—the parents, the grandparents, the ancestors have said, “Life is imperfect,” and you as the small one have said, “Well, they have lived more years than I have; they must know,” and so you have bought the message that was given to them down through the generations.

Seeds have been planted a long time ago, even before this lifetime, and those seeds of desire to know harmony and to know Oneness are growing. They are as little seedlings growing, becoming stronger, becoming more part of your awareness, and you work with this from time to time as an idea comes to you and you wonder sometimes, “Where did that idea come from?” Well, it comes from the little seedling that was planted maybe many lifetimes ago of wanting to awaken to the place of divinity, the place that knows Oneness with All, the place that says, “I am okay,” because you are, “and I want to feel that. I will start with acknowledging that for myself.”

It has been habitual training to look outside of yourself to separated, individuated energy and to ask for the validation from others. “If others see my worth and they mirror it back to me and they say how wonderful I am, then I must be okay. But if they don’t recognize the angel that I am, the Light that I am, the Child—capital “C”—that I am, then I must not be worthy.” It has been generational teaching for a long, long time to look outside, seemingly, because there is nothing really outside of yourself, but to look to others for the validation.

So start with validating yourself. First thing in the morning when you wake up and you take that deep breath, know that truly you are a work of wonder that allows that deep breath to energize the body. Recognize the miracle that you are doing in that moment of focusing upon the form of energy that you have brought together called a body. Recognize the miracle that was not there a moment before that. You are a wondrous being, that you can bring together this hologram and call it real.

Now, your Reality—capital “R”—is what allows you to use the energy to make your reality—lower case “r”—and to feel that that reality is true. But your true Reality is divine.

Your world is coming to a place where it is no longer able to be so separate, one country from another. You have a global understanding. Your news media has seen to that. And your internet, your worldwide web is very good at keeping you connected with ones whom you may never see with the physical eyes, but you know what is happening with them.

You have an understanding at this point that looks like everything is in chaos. Some of it is going through upheaval, and will continue to go through some upheaval, because you have wanted to know global harmony. And so, therefore, your hologram, as you are making it, says, “Well, we have to have some ingredients in here of change. If it is not global harmony right now,”—and it is not, as it appears—“ we need to have some change.”

And so in the hologram that you are putting forth moment by moment with your consciousness, there is upheaval. But upheaval—as we have said to you many, many times—is good. It is necessary. For when you go out to till the soil, to make something as the garden or the farm crops, the first thing you do is to till the soil. You go through and you up-heave it. You make the upheavals, and then you plant.

And as I have said, you have planted. The seedlings are growing, and you are knowing the goodness of those seedlings. Even if separated ego says, “Oh, well, you’ve tried this before and it’s not going to work,” one more time you nurture that seedling of hope by saying, “Look, I want my hologram to look different.” And so, with the determination to see things differently, it happens. It has to happen.

You are the creative One, seemingly expressing as the many, who is creating moment by moment that which you experience in your consciousness. Take that deeply within the consciousness. You are the creative One, seemingly expressing as the many, who is creating moment by moment that which you experience in your consciousness.

You have done this many, many, as you understand lifetimes to be, so many times that separated ego says, “Well, you have evidence that whatever you try to change for the better won’t work.” But where is that “evidence”? The “evidence” resides in memory, in an old computer program which, in truth, is outdated; it will not work in your computer any longer.

You have actual computer programs that are like that. They served you well for awhile, and then you got a new computer or you upgraded the computer, and what happened? The old program would not run. Well, that is where you are now with the hologram that you are living. Some of those old programs do not run any longer.

That which seemingly happened to you a long time ago in this lifetime or even yesterday, where does it exist? Truly, nowhere; only in memory as you bring it up and you try to relive it. But it is not real. It is no longer real. And you, as the creative master that you are, can say unto it, “Be gone. I don’t want you in my memory. You’re an old program that does not serve me. I’m going to replace you with an upgrade.” 

As the creative One that you are, you can change anything and everything in the hologram that you are living if you have the will and the determination to breathe and to say, “I am determined to see things differently. Hey, you know, life is really fun. I have a lot of friends. My group of friends has been growing and expanding, and I really feel good about that. I thought I only had maybe one or two friends, but you know, everywhere I go, I make a friend. I see them as a friend, and then they are a friend. I have lots of friends, and I’m not afraid to go to a new place and make another friend. It is a talent that I have.” 

As you will see another one as being a friend in your hologram, that is what they are, what they have to be. That is how powerful you are as the creative master. You smile. Sometimes they smile back right away. Sometimes they look at you questioningly, like, “What’s going on?” but it is okay. You have smiled. You have put Light into your hologram.

You have lived the lifetimes of dark holograms, enough that you know those programs. But they are not with you any longer, those programs, and they serve you no longer. You do not need them. You have upgraded, and you are leaving them behind. They no longer exist for you, except as you bring them into the Now reality. So you do not have to have them as companions in your holograms.

If you will understand this concept and really take it to heart; not just mentally, but really take the message to heart — that what you are living is a hologram of your making — you will begin to understand Oneness. If you will take it to heart and really feel Oneness with everyone, all of your hologram is going to shift and change; it has to, because you are the one making it. You are the one living in the middle of it.

If you could—and you can—step outside of the hologram for a moment—and this is what I have spoken of as the Beholder—to see the hologram that you are making and how one friend and another friend and another friend and another friend are interacting with you on a certain topic, in a certain way, you would begin to understand not just mentally—mentally is good, it is a good start, it has to start there first because it has been your training to start with the mental first—but then take it to the heart and feel how you are interacting with everyone and how you are part of what you are looking at, you would be in awe of what you are creating; not judgment; do not be in judgment of it.

Separated ego, because of habitual “evidence,” is going to say, “Well, this hologram is not really perfect.” Separated ego, again, is a program that you no longer need. You are finished with it. Look at the hologram that you are living and call it good, because it is.

Take my message to heart. Examine, as the Beholder, the hologram of what you are putting into your reality—lower case “r”. Do not judge, but be in awe of what you have created. There is only One of us, creating, living, experiencing the hologram of Life. You are the One.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

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