Jeshua Speaks About:October 2006

God's Will, Man's Will

Beloved one, I have heard many of you questioning, “What is going on in the world? There are so many places where brothers seem to be against brothers and sisters against sisters.” And you wonder, “Will there ever be heaven on Earth? Will there ever be peace in some regions, especially some regions?”

And you have wondered about God. You have said, “Is this the will of God that man should be against man and woman against woman, etc.? Is it the will of God that there be so much drama upon this plane?”

The will of God

You have been told, from the time you were very little, about the will of God; that when perhaps a beloved pet or a loved one has passed on into another realm, you have been told that it was the will of God; or they have gone to be with God. And you have wondered, “Why would it be the will of God that the loved one or the beloved pet would be taken from me?“ Then you said, ”If this be the will of God, I'm not sure this is my God. I'm not sure that I want my God to have that kind of will; it doesn't make sense to me.“ Many of you have questioned, and you have cried out to the heavens. And when ones have said, “It is okay. It is the will of God.” you have wondered, “What kind of God would have that kind of will?” Then you look at what is happening now with so many who are asking of brothers and sisters that they lay down the body, and you wonder, “Is this the will of God?”

There are ones who feel that their God is right, and that it is the will of God that there should be war and that they will overcome what they see to be the unfaithful, the infidel, the one who thinks differently. And so they would say, “Yes, it is the will of God that I go into the marketplace and allow the body to explode and let other bodies around also be left in the dust again.” So again you have come to the place where you question, “What is the will of God? Why would God, if God is a loving Father/Mother, will such drama?” And, as we have spoken many times, everything which happens serves to bring about the Atonement, the realization of At-one-ment, the place where there is the realization that, “I and the Father are One.” So it does serve a purpose.

Man’s will

In truth, it is man's will. It is man's will to have drama. It is man's will to believe in duality. It is man's will to believe in separation and to say that another belief could be opposite or threatening to a belief that is being held by that one.

As we have spoken in previous times, in the beginning, before there was time, there was Thought to create. And the creation is forever ongoing. Some of the creations have been most wonderful, what you would see in concept form and judge to be, heaven. Many of the incarnations, if you can call it that, where you took form in another constellation, were harmonious.

Even in lifetimes upon our holy Mother the Earth you have lived incarnations where the life has been harmonious; where you could say that it was a lifetime of peace and harmony and heaven on Earth because of the beauty that surrounded you; not only in nature, but the beauty of the loved ones who loved you, and the priorities of understanding divine love expressed as human love.

But in the process of creation, there have been many different realities created for the adventure of knowing “What can I create?” Life on some of the planets in some of the other constellations were and are of love, and you have lived there. There is a remembrance deep within you of a place, of a time when life was celebrated and was easy, where you respected each individuated energy, as it was seen.

“Let’s create drama”

Other planets in other constellations decided that they wanted a bit more drama. They looked at or experienced what you felt to be the most wonderful harmony, and they were bored. And they said, “Well, let's create a little bit of drama. How about if we throw in a bit of the salt and pepper, some seasoning, and we have a bit of separation where I can have certain feeling about what you believe and what I believe.”

This has developed, over eons of time, in different ways, and what you see now upon our holy Mother Earth are the star seeds from many different stars, many different constellations, many different planets. And that is why sometimes you will meet ones and there is a feeling of familiarity. You know right away that you have been with this one before and you know right away where they are coming from. And sometimes you will meet someone else, and it will not feel right or harmonious.

Many who walk the face of our holy Mother the Earth right now are acting out the last vestiges of remembrance as other star seeds, from other stars' planets, and the shared collective belief in that reality. So they are acting out from a place that says there is separation and that there could be threat and that they—not consciously, perhaps, but some consciously—desire drama.

They desire to know, sometimes, their own worth in releasing the body. They feel that there is purpose, perhaps God's will that they fulfill a purpose of allowing their life to be given in a certain way so that others can have a share in that drama. And you watch it, and you wonder, and you ask why they are as little children who are playing in the sandbox, and they are not playing harmoniously with each other; they are throwing the sand up in the air and they are letting it come down, rain from the skies, the way the bombs are coming down now in certain areas.

Divergence in the creative

And you wonder why they cannot see things differently. It is because there has been from the first Thought—capital “T”—to create, a divergince in the creative realm. And some have enjoyed—found joy, purpose, fulfillment—in the drama. And the more drama they could create, the more fulfilled they have felt.

The will of God is not separate from the will of man. As we have spoken many times, there is no separation. And, if you will receive it, the will of God is the will of man, because there is allowance, creativity to adventure. Many of you have been asking, when your news media brings you the reports of what is going on and it seems that there is not just one place of conflict, but many places of conflict now coming to the collective consciousness, you ask, “Why?” And “What can I do about it?”

You can recognize

You can recognize it to be the will of man and the allowance of the creative Energy known as God. And you can recognize that since there is no separation, your visioning of peace is offered to those who want to receive it. Now, some are still so caught up in separation that there is not an opening to receive, but more and more of the brothers and sisters in various parts of our holy Mother the Earth are getting to the place of completion. They are getting to the place where they are recognizing htat there has to be another way.

So, when you sit in your quiet times, or even in your busy times, and the thought comes to your mind and you envision the ones who are hurting, envision your arms around them, loving them as the children that they are, loving them as the Christ which they are. Let it be offered to all who would be receptive.

Many who are caught up in drama right now do not feel they have a choice. And that is one of the important aspects you will put into your visioning: that there is choice; always there is choice. Many feel they do not have choice because they belong to a group which has a collective belief and they have to believe as the group believes.


Allow the idea of choice to be written on the forehead, your own forehead, and project it out that there is choice; that they can stop, breathe for a moment, and there is choice. It offers an opportunity, the same as I offered two thousand years ago to ones who wanted to hear a different message. Two thousand years ago the world was much in turmoil, the same as it is now.

But there were ones who were ready and looking for another message. There were ones who were willing to accept the idea that perhaps they had power, that they could make choice. It is the same in this day and time. There are ones who want to move beyond what has been taught to them in separation, and they want to believe that there can be something better for them.

Allow yourself to do that which is of the world in supporting them; in other words, the golden coins, if there is a need for certain medical supplies, for food, for pure clean water, etc. Allow your guidance to guide you to share some of the golden coins; you have plenty. And as you give, more will be given unto you.

In time the areas now that find themselves in such great conflict are going to come to the place where they do lay down the arms, the bombs, all of the explosives. This seems nearly impossible right now, but I am going to say it, anyway, because those of you who are far out there—and all of you are—are onew who are going to ask of each other, “What star seed are you? What planet did you come from?”

Now, I know that sometimes that is asked in a derogatory way. (Smile) But there will be an understanding that all of you, all of the individuated energies, have come from the one Source to experience and express life in its many diverse forms. And what you have upon this planet is a most wonderful, as I have called it, work in progress of coming together to understand some of the lineage, the background, the history, the wealth, the treasure of the history, and to understand the very beginning when there was that one Thought, the one Thought to create, and from that Thought a divergence of, “What can we create?”

You are the ones who can spread the light, the love, the joy, the truth of everyone's being; that it is not God's will that they fighting each other. It is man's will. And that, truly, God's will is man's will, because man is an extension of the Father, the Creative Principle, and that at any moment a man/woman/child can change their will, their idea of what has to be.

It does not have to be predicated upon the past. That is what you are seeing now. Ones are acting out old scenarios from other planets and other constellations and other collective belief systems from the predication of the past, of what they have known in the past. You have seen this at work in your own life as you have evolved with your questioning. In the beginning you accepted what was taught to you by the parents and by your peers, and it was predicated upon what they knew, and what they knew was predicated upon what the forefathers had passed down generation to generation...

But there will be, in time—in time, because you are the creators of time—there will be the realization of At-one-ment, where there is the enlightenment and the understanding that God's will and man's will are One, and in that you are powerful.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

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