Jeshua Speaks:November 2007

Are We There Yet?

Beloved one, one of the questions that I have heard being asked over and over - and it is often asked when the small ones are in the vehicle, or even when the tall ones are in the vehicle traveling somewhere - is, "Are we there yet?" Those of you who travel by vehicle of any kind, whether it be with two or four wheels or turbo engine propelling the large modern bird in the sky, know that feeling of covering mile after mile after mile and wondering, "Are we there yet?"

In my day and time, we traveled by foot, which was blessed, because we got to feel the terrain under our feet, to see each pebble, each blade of grass, each flower, all of the rolling hillsides; we knew them intimately, because we covered them foot by foot.

Or we would travel by donkey or camel, some even by horse if they had the golden coins for that. An evolution of belief system brought you to the place where the Wright brothers, who were definitely right in their thinking, decided that if birds could fly, perhaps man/womankind could also be up in the air. And it was truly a remembrance of other lifetimes when you have been the bird. Many of you feel even now a kinship, and you can feel the wings. You can feel how it is to look down upon the terrain from a great height up in the sky and to see things from the bird's-eye view - which I recommend highly.  

Your technology has evolved: at first with the Wright brothers, the flight was not that far, and then it became longer and farther. Now you have the big mechanical birds which fly all the way around our holy Mother, the Earth, covering great distances. You have made for yourself the vehicles that you use on the ground, with  all of the horsepower inside; you have taken the horses from outside the chariot and put them inside, and it is called horsepower.

You have gone a step further in imagining the spaceship. Some of you have seen the spaceships. Some of you remember being on a spaceship that traveled great, great distances from different star constellations to other constellations, and visiting various planets, as they are called. You can remember what you have now in your science fiction; you can remember allowing the particles of form to be Light once again and to ascend and then descend somewhere - as in "Beam me up, Scotty." It is no accident that it turns up in your science fiction, because it is true. Anything you can imagine is something that you have experienced; otherwise, it would not be in your computer.

You are saying, "Okay, if I know how to move the Light particles, how come I'm not doing that now? Why do I have to pay for the airplane ticket?" You do not do it now in this reality because the collective belief is not there yet, and you have agreed that you will be upon the first wave of breaking new ideas, but you will not go so far out that the rest of the collective consciousness cannot understand you and cannot relate to you.

So, are we there yet? Yes, you are well on your way. Those of you who were at the recent gathering in the mountains [Vail] had the opportunity to feel the realized Christ, to feel the awakened Christ, and to feel the freedom of joy of being together. You knew that there were no limitations to anything you would imagine or want to experience. You felt the realized Christ that you are.

Those days that you spent together were spent in a very high vibration that grew day by day, so that you knew - you actually knew, felt, experienced, and expressed - the realized Christ with no boundaries. And it was very good.

Are we there yet? Yes. The realized Christ is there already, feeling quite able to go freely, joyfully in the world, not judging the world, but realizing that the world is doing the best that it can within the parameters that the collective consciousness has set for this reality, and knowing that you are pushing the envelope, evolving.

Even as we have spoken of the methods of transportation evolving because of change in belief system, the collective consciousness is changing in other aspects as well; slowly sometimes; other times by great leaps. That is often how the inventions seem to come. All of a sudden there will come an idea, and maybe several people get the same idea for an invention at the same time. It is in the collective consciousness, it is in the belief system, and it has evolved to a certain point where suddenly several people get it. It happens because truly there is no separation.

When you allow the collective consciousness an opportunity, a door, even a window, to evolve through, it is a great, great step for humankind. When you allow yourself to awaken in the morning and say, "I Am the realized Christ. I Am the awakened Christ. I will be happy in this day. I will go freely in this day," all of the universe rearranges itself to afford you that which you decree.

Then - there is a caveat here - separated ego comes along, because out of habit, that is its job; it comes along and it says, "Okay, how do you feel about this? Let's judge it. Is this good? What she said to me, is that good? What he said to me, is that good?"

There is a certain leaning towards habitual judgment, but you can easily get past that, because you are now the awakened Christ, and the awakened Christ has no need to judge. The awakened Christ takes the deep breath and says, "It's okay. Whatever comes, I know that it serves the At-one-ment. I know that I am One with my Christ self. I know that every time I put my foot forward, I walk as the Christ."

Are we there yet? Do you want to be there? Do you claim to be there? Yes. Allow yourself to feel how the awakened Christ feels, how the awakened Christ beholds everything in its divine order. Know that in every moment you are being taken care of; know that your Creator (which is You in the highest acknowledgment) loves you with an everlasting Love.

Allow that to sink in. You are good enough just the way you are. You are divinely guided. You have seen proof of that, and it will continue. That which you have felt up to this point is but the beginning of how free you are going to feel in the days to come, how easy you are going to go in the days to come, how you are going to look at whatever "problem" the world brings to you, and you are going to say, "I am being divinely guided, and it is all going to work out, and I'm going to be happy in it. I am happy where I am, and I'm going to be even happier on the next day." You claim it as the awakened Christ.  Everything does work together to bring you to the point of realization that, "I Am that which I seek. I Am the awakened Christ."

If you do a choice out of joy, then you are joyful. If you do a choice because somebody has said you should or it is good for you or whatever the world is going to say because you have to, then it does not feel as a free choice.

From now on, choose freely where you want to go, what you want to say, who you want to be with, what you want to eat and drink. Speak from the Heart that knows no separation, that wishes only the highest and best for each unique person. Appreciate their uniqueness. Marvel at the almost infinite variety of individuals and choices. Celebrate what God (You) have wrought.  And again, you allow the awakened Christ just to smile and to say, "I am okay just as I am." With the divine guidance that is always being channeled into and through you, you are going to know what works for you. You can trust it. If you get guidance to do something different, then try it out, but you do not have to stick with anybody else's "shoulds." I want to make that point  very strongly, because you have many of the friends who are very sincere about wanting to give you the gift of what has worked for them. They are sincerely wanting to share that with you. But if it comes across, as you understand it, as a "should," and if you do not freely choose it because you want to do it joyfully, there is no great referee that says that you have to live by anybody else's "shoulds."

Even if you go to someone and you pay them many of the golden coins, it does not mean that their "shoulds" are of any more value than a friend's "should" that you have not paid any golden coin for. I know that sometimes in your world it is felt that if you pay a lot of golden coins, then the advice, the "shoulds," the recommendations, whatever, must be worth more, because you paid more golden coins. But if it does not resonate with you, it is only a "should"; it is only a suggestion.

You are free to go your journey in joy in what works for you, what allows you to feel good about yourself. And, yes, as I have said, there are often times you get enthusiastic about what works for you and you want to share that with other ones, and that is good, too, but you allow them their choice and you do not lose friendships over it. That is what the awakened Christ recognizes: that you do not have to lose friendships over "shoulds" or "should nots."

The awakened Christ says, "Well, the Christ of you knows what's best for you" - because the Christ does know - "and the Christ of me gives me divine guidance and knows what is best for me." There is no judgment in it.

I come back to my very early point about the awakened Christ: it does not judge. The awakened Christ knows that everything is in divine order. Everything serves the Atonement. "Are we there yet?" YES, you are there. You are Home free.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

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