Welcome to Oakbridge University

Welcome to Oakbridge University! Founded by Ministers Tom & Judith Coates in 1989, Oakbridge is a non-denominational Center of Truth based on the teachings of Jesus and other great Teachers.

Oakbridge is also the home of Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in expression through Judith Coates.  She has been channeling Jeshua since 1993, sharing his love & wisdom with audiences around the globe. 

Jeshua's Introduction

"I come to you in this form because you have invited me. I come to you in this form because you have a willingness to hear the still small voice of TRUTH. I come to you now in this form to show you I am not far off from you.

"I am not upon the cross. I am not ascended unto the Father to sit at the right hand somewhere far off that you can never approach. Yes, I do sit at the right hand of my Father and the left hand and upon his lap, as you do, for there is no separation. I come to you now in this form so that you may change your image of who I AM."

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith Coates

Jeshua's teachings & messages have been collected in a very special series of books, The Personal Christ book series, published through Oakbridge and available online & at New Age bookstores everywhere.  Please see the New Publication link at right for more about our newest book, The Personal Christ Vol. 6, as well as the other books in the series.   

We also publish a free monthly newsletter, The Expanding Viewpoint, with messages from Jeshua and happenings at Oakbridge and our study groups around the United States and Canada. Please see an excerpt from our latest newsletter, below.

We invite you to look around our website, review our books & tapes, and sign up for our newsletter.  Thank you for sharing with us!

Expanding Viewpoint

Jeshua Speaks About:
Into The New World

Beloved one, now we shall continue with the story or history of my lifetime after the resurrection. We have spoken earlier of the sea adventure. We have spoken of being in Gaul. We have spoken of visiting with the Gypsies in Germania. We have spoken of going to Britannia. And we have spoken of the spaceships. There were times, intervals when I knew the spaceships, and I was and am commander of some of the spaceships.

So I knew the wholeness of the universe. I knew the wholeness of holy Mother Earth; in other words, I had seen her from what you would call afar and I had seen her as I walked and felt the energy of holy Mother Earth beneath my feet.

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Thomas I. Coates
July 24, 1930 – Feb 21, 2014

On the morning of Friday, February 21st, 2014, Tom, our Beloved Elder and the guiding Light of Oakbridge University and Press, passed away quietly and peacefully from massive internal bleeding. He had been in good spirits the day before, but by evening he was vomiting blood, and 911 had to be called. He was given several transfusions at the hospital during the night, and in the morning they prepared to do an endoscopy to determine the source of the bleeding. He was given a mild anesthetic, went to sleep and never awoke.

It has been a shock to all who knew him. He will always be remembered for his gentle smile, the twinkle in his eye, his many talents and his uplifting and comforting presence. Over the years as a minister he helped many people whose lives were changed by his wise and loving counsel. Many lives were changed by his “Developing Your Divine Potential” workshops. Everyone who knew him admired his talents on the music keyboard (he played by ear, never having had a music lesson), guitar and, most of all, the computer. (We are still lost in the morass of the many computer files!)

He was the business head of Oakbridge University, being president of the organization since its inception in 1989.

There will be a memorial service at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 15th (Fathers’ Day) here at 41 Windmill Lane, Sequim, Washington. All are invited to attend and remember Tom with funny stories about him and remembrances of how he touched their lives.

We want to thank the many loving friends who have sent beautiful flowers, cards, e-mails and telephone calls. Your love and friendship is testimony to the quiet love he shared with everyone he met. He is greatly missed and fondly remembered. --Judith



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Jeshua Online
Daily Message

August 22, 2014

Beloved one, everything that you have chosen has served the purpose of coming Home, being fully awakened and knowing that you are already Home. You are Home free; no price to pay.

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Jeshua speaks:
The Ascension
August 2014

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