Jeshua: The Personal Christ, Vol. II

Jeshua: The Personal Christ, Vol. II


Judith G Coates
Foreword by Alan Cohen

ISBN 1-878555-09-X
208 pages

"Beloved One, I whom you have known as Jesus encourage you to remember the time before time when you played in the meadow of your Father's Kingdom, secure in His Love. Claim now your birthright as His only begotten Child, the Christ, and ascend unto Me."
- Jeshua in expression through Judith Coates

"There is nothing a human can do on this planet that is more spectacular than to examine the piece of god that resides in themselves. The loving Jeshua material is uplifting and powerful. It is truly a guide to help us all understand the grandness of light that is part of each one of us. This really is necessary reading in this new age!"
- Lee Carroll - Channel for Kryon
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