Jeshua: The Personal Christ, Vol. IV

Jeshua: The Personal Christ, Vol. IV


The Interdimensional Self
The Way to Peace

Judith G Coates

ISBN 1-878555-14-6
232 Pages

This work moves the reader in gentle steps toward a willingness to embrace an expanded understanding of Self. What else could be more important? What else are we yearning for? Some of these steps, such as mindfulness, are common knowledge. Some, such as the instruction to "play" and to let our imaginations and even our desire guide us, are less common.

Always, Jeshua addresses each individual as his beloved, and the key component to Judith's work is that it enables the feeling of belovedness to reach each one of us. With our acceptance of our belovedness we can extend this belovedness to one another and begin to move into the time that has not yet been written, the time of a new consciousness.
- Mari Perron, author of The Course of Love Series
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